hair highlights
hair highlights



A premier line of precision-balanced hair care products developed by a leading European stylist to enrich hair with that sensational SEMPRE feeling. Specially formulated for all the demands made on today’s hair, SEMPRE uses a combination of environmentally safe and natural ingredients to give hair added radiance, shine and volume...all day, every day.


The Ultimate Brilliance Of Diamonds - Semí dí Líno Diamante
A new dimension in exclusive combination of the unique shine of Linseed Extract with the luxurious sparkle of diamonds!Reveal new facets of beauty with Semi di Lino Diamante...the next generation of shine technology dedicated to glamorous, gloriously glowing hair...replete with jewel-like reflections.


Austin-Rolfe Salon is proud to offer exlusive hair product lines, such as Sempre, which can only be found at select salons. We believe that combining the highest quality product with exemplary service and staff creates an optimal salon experience. 


This “made-to-measure” hair and scalp care concept lets salon professionals tailor their clients’ care according to the specific needs of the hair and scalp. The broad range of products is based on plant extracts and essential oils combined with the latest in biochemistry. It includes shampoos, toners, moisturizing and conditioning preparations, styling aids and aromatherapy for scalp care. AESTELANCE defines the important interaction of the active, conditioning substances: proteins, lipids and moisture to maintain beautiful hair or to help it become beautiful.